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Turkish American Resources is a website for businesses of all sizes. We provide information for different entrepreneurs in order for them to grow their business. We provide highly informative content that has practical information for the day-to-day operations of each business.

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Leveraging Social Media for Better Company Performance

Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In are powerful tools for marketing a company’s products and services as well as getting jobs. Used correctly, they can help your cleaning company attract more clients and grow its revenue. What works on one social networking site may not so effective on another. Therefore, it is important to learn ways you can take advantage of different sites to market your business. Here are some pointers on how to leverage the power of Facebook.

‘ Use interesting, relevant images in your posts.

‘ Start a discussion by asking questions that encourage people to respond.

‘ Don’t ignore the comments. Responding to the comments in response to your posts is an important thing that many people don’t do. Responding is a way to keep conversations going and build relationships.

‘ Great, informative posts have a hire chance of being shared. Therefore, it helps to throw in some useful cleaning tips especially those that your work easier.

‘ Share interesting videos and content relating to the cleaning industry or simply wishing the large pool of potential customers a great day.

‘ Don’t focus all your posts on matters related to your cleaning. Attract more attention with other unrelated posts such those relating to a noble course you are championing. You could also share funny pictures and videos that people are likely to share.

The key to effective use of social media for a business is to sell your service and brand without being overly aggressive and boring. In the process, you might attract someone looking for house cleaner Perth services. Keep your posts short and interesting. And while you’re at it, there’s nothing wrong with peeking into your competitor’s page.

Creating an Attractive Exterior for Your Business premises

Proper landscaping for your business premises is extremely important for a number of reasons. The exterior of the business is the first thing visitors see when they come to your premises, thus it is important to make a great impression. A beautiful, well-kept exterior environment cana help attract clients, especially if you are running a tree services company. It also impacts your impression on the community and helps create some good will. It also provides an environment where they can enjoy some natural beauty during breaks. One key thing that should feature in your business’ exterior is trees.

Planting trees is a way of giving back to the community through its environmental benefits. They provide a natural shield that helps to lessen the impacts of harsh weather not to mention the positive psychological and physical health impacts they have on humans. Depending on the tree variety you plant, your business premises also gets the aesthetic advantage of trees owing to the magnificent flowers that many trees have especially in spring. And even though the leaves on most trees in autumn change color and start falling, the aesthetic benefits of trees don’t entirely disappear. In fact, some trees such as Maples, Black Tupelo and Sweetgum are absolute beauties in autumn.

Aside from planting trees, your landscaping efforts should also include taking care of trees and keeping the entire exterior clean. Invest in the services of an arborist and someone to sweep up the heaps of leaves that can form in the fall. If you have the space and authority, make the landscaping changes necessary to create a beautiful exterior for your business premises.

How Can Small Companies Survive Against Well-Funded Competitors?

Is it really possible for small companies to survive in today’s time even when they have a small capital? In reality, it is a possibility. It is important for small companies to simply make use of what they have. Also, it is a good idea to learn from the mistakes of their competitors in order to grow. This way, companies don’t need to commit the mistakes themselves in order to know which strategy doesn’t work.

For instance, it is a good idea that small companies to utilize the World Wide Web in order to reach their market. The World Wide Web offers a level playing field in order to attract your market. You don’t need a good amount of money in order to target a specific market online. Social media marketing, SEO, and email marketing are just some of the most popular methods that can help improve a small company’s overall performance.

But of course, small companies should also be aware of what larger competitors haven’t explored yet. It is imperative to know your market well. This way, you will come up with some of the most creative strategies that even larger companies could never keep up.

How to Be Known In Your Market?

Having your own business is a challenge. It is not enough that the company is well funded in order to become successful. In fact, even start-up companies do have the ability to grow and become as large as well-funded competitors. However, in order to do so, it is imperative to know their market.

Without knowing your market, it is possible to lose your own market share. Over the years, a common mistake both by well-funded companies and small companies is to never know their consumers. This can be detrimental in running your business simply because you may never know what they are looking for exactly.

As a business, it is important to know the demand for the product and services that you offer. Is the market already oversaturated? Next, it is also a good idea to know the financial capability of your market. How much money are they willing to pay for a particular service or product?

In addition to this, you also want to take a closer look at their attitude. This way, you will be able to come up with a strategy on how to sell the product or service that you offer. Do they go online after work? Perhaps, you are catering to a small community? Do they bring their family with them whenever they avail of your product?